Consultancy & Corporate Branding Design

Drone Cameras

With Drone cameras we are able to film and take photos from a birds eye view. This is ideal for showcasing new property developments, properties for sale, sporting events and local travel adverts.

Video Recording

Videos or Animations can be key to keeping users on your website. We are able to produce elegant videos to showcase your products and services for your marketing requirements.

Video Editing & Rendering

Using industry certified software we are able to edit footage from all devices, edit and render them to any platform, either 4K, 8K, 1080P, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, DVD or Blu-Ray.


Precise Editing

Using Adobe Premiere Pro, we can edit raw footage and transform it to a piece of marketing art. A video that is finely edited will be have positive impact on your target audience.

Peace Of Mind

Using Adobe After Effects, we can create bespoke video transitions, video effects and animations for your video. This allows the audience to fully immerse in your video and relive the experience.

Time Lapse

Time Lapse is a great way to showcase a new property development, pedestrians walking by, traffic and more. We will securely install our cameras to film such new projects. Manned personnel will be present at all times to ensure footage can be safely transmitted and saved.

Focusing On The Detail

When we film for our clients, we ensure that focus on the small details highlighting the brand and client goals.

Clear Direction

We only film once we have been given a brief. This brief allows us to understand your target audience, business goals, mission aim and more. With this information we go to the drawing board and design a video story board to give to you.

Consultation & Story Board

Once you have agreed on a story board we will then consult on filming locations, who needs to be present and who does, props, lighting, access and more. Once all the small details have been ironed we can begin to film.

How Much Will It Cost?

Each project will vary but rest assured that our video production is priced effectively and competitively. We charge a flat day rate for filming and flat day rate for editing the footage.

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