Consultancy & Corporate Branding Design

Office Solutions

Having bespoke office builds will make the world of difference. We will build custom units for your business making it easier to operate on a day to day basis.

Premium Support

We will provide extensive support for any software and hardware issues you may face. Our support team can be reached by email or by raising a support ticket.

Server Rooms & Network Setups

We can supply and install servers and carry out all the network installation for your business – keeping your firm online.


Consultation Services

We provide an office consultation service where we attend and see the scope and brief of your project. Gaining a deeper understanding of your business will be able to provide the best solution possible.

Deadlines & Timelines

Part of our initial meetings, we will work to meeting your required deadlines and timelines so your business gets up and running.

Trusted Expert Support

We will provide extensive support for your business ensuring that there is no downtime during your upgrade or after your upgrade. As a customer you will have high priority support access on our support ticket system. We will also attend on the day to fix any issues you may have.

User Friendly

We will ensure that all your new equipment is user friendly and energy efficient to use. We will provide user guides to ensure that staff will get the best out of their new equipment.


Boost Your Speed

With our partners we are able to provide the latest equipment, ready for your organisation’s fast growing pace. Along with the new CAT 7 we are able to boost your speed within the office and ensure your systems run smooth and efficient.

Office Network For You

We will install and set up and office network so all your computers, devices, phones, tablets, printers all communicate together allowing you to print remotely, share files remotely and also collaborate together.

Clear Direction

A cleaner and neater office does wonder for the morale of staff and for any visitors. Why should it stop with just decoration and tidying? Giving your staff the latest systems and framework will increase and maximise staff and work potential.

How Much Does It Cost?

Each project varies and the type of equipment to install will also vary. All our prices will reflect our work ethics. Using our list of approved partners we will ensure that you have the best price possible.

Let’s Get Your Business Running

No more waiting for the loading mouse to unfreeze, or the blue screen of death. Let us provide a consultation, planning and installation service to get your business or organisation running to its full potential.

Are you ready? Let’s start your project together!