Consultancy & Corporate Branding Design

Bar Menus

We feel that we have perfected our art and skills over the years and have found a great combination to make bar menus vibrant, fresh, stand out and meet client requirements.

Restaurant Menu

We have a working combination which fuses the perfect colour schemes taken from your brand or the colours and carefully selected fonts that enhances your brand.

Cafe Menu

In this era of funky and unique cafes, we have seen a trend where the cafe menus are either printed on thick card, wood and others to match their interior styling.


Bar Menu Design

Of course the success of a good bar is its drinks. But a nice bar menu leaves such a good impression on the drinkers.

As mentioned above, bar menu design is a very important step if you want your brand to succeed. We often find that having a clean (not cluttered) menu along with the right colours, right highlights and the bespoke fonts all add to a positive conclusion.

Restaurant & Cafe Menu Design

When designing a restaurant menu, we have a working combination which fuses the perfect colour schemes taken from your brand or the colours that you have selected and using the fonts that will enhance the food you make.

We add that ambient and elegant touches to ensure everything pairs up correctly. We strive for client satisfaction and our clients are never let down with our designs produced.


Colours Right For Your Brand

When designing your menu we take into consideration your logo to ensure that it will be seen. We thus build around this and create a new modern colour palette making your menu stand out but related to your business.

Neat & Tidy

Our clients within the food and drink industry make amazing cocktails, sandwiches, desserts and hot meals. It is vital for us to ensure that top products are highlighted and the remaining menu will be clearly readable.

Using The Best Font Possible

We have a bank of bespoke fonts that work great for all types of industries. We will match the best possible to ensure that your brand reputation and image gets reflected correctly in your menu.

Keep It Fresh

We advise that to keep your menu fresh and to keep customers coming in, is to keep tweaking it every 6-12 months. We have seen that customers prefer seeing their favourite food and the art to the trick is to change the design but keep the majority of the menu, giving the impression of a new menu.

Keep It Classy

Sometimes it is nice to see a menu that is different, quirky, classy, maybe printed on wood, slate, old paper and more. We design and create your menu the way you want it to be displayed. There is no limit, there is no need for clutter and we will achieve this together.

Thickness Is Essential

When designing menus we raise the question to the client – what thickness do they want the menu to be? From our experience a thicker menu gets a better response, leaves the impression of quality and confidence compared to a paper menu that comes across cheap and quick.

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