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Invoice System

Our invoice system allows you to generate and send invoices and track payments.

Expense Manager

Our expense manager allows you to keep track of your financial expenses assisting your business as it grows.

For Accountants

Accountants are able to login and obtain information ready for HMRC tax submission.


Invoice System

  • Clients can see their invoices & quotations online.
  • Accept online payments from PayPal and Authorize.Net.
  • Integrates with Online Shopping Carts.
  • Recurring invoices can be generated.
  • Custom templates, Taxes and discounts to suit your business.
  • PDF, CSV and Excel export.
  • Graphic reports.

Expense Manager

  • Keep track of all your expenses and income
  • Set your own currency (USD $, EUR €, GBP £)
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • AJAX powered for fast loading and interaction
  • See totals and summaries for your income, outcome and balance
  • Define which user groups (access levels) can add entries
  • Graphic reports can be generated


Integrating With Existing Platforms

We can install an Invoice & Expense system within your existing framework. We can create a new subdomain and link it within your existing website database. With robust security we can ensure that only specific users can access this portal and keep it away from member

Payments On The Go

Our Invoice & Expense Manager allows you to email clients directly. The emails and PDF’s that are generated will have a link for the customers to login to your Invoice Hub and they can view the outstanding invoices and make the payments.

Designed For You

Keeping with your brand we will design the entire system so that the Invoice Hub, Quotations, Invoices and Emails all have your brand information and colouring and style to match.

CSV and Excel Export

Our system allows you to export your daily, monthly or yearly reports that can then be read by an accountant and then submitted to HMRC. You can export data from certain customers and other filters.

Azzurri Designs Invoice System
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