Consultancy & Corporate Branding Design

Document Sharing

Share documents within your team workforce and collaborate on projects together.

Commercial & Educational

Streamline your branch communications by an integrating a centralised messaging hub.

Powerful Business Applications & provides secured access to Profiles & Member Downloads


Business Integration

We will work side by side your organisation to ensure that our Intranet follows your business and linking this with your existing website database. An Intranet is essential for any business or organisation who would like to enhance their communication between customers and staff.

Efficient & Secure

Part of a better net, we will ensure that your Intranet is SSL Certified so that data been viewed, transmitted and received will be secure from the eyes of hackers.

Designed For Your Brand

Our in house designers will ensure that our Intranet is developed from the ground up with your brand in mind. It will look part of your website and will reflect your business goals. We ensure that the end product will be clean, minimal and easy to navigate for users.

Interact With Teams

Share documents, images, and more with our Intranet Messaging sections. Our share feature allows users to place limits on download quantity and who will view and download these files.


Office 365 Integration

Microsoft Office 365 is a perfect integration within your Intranet allowing staff to access their emails, share files and all information is stored within the Office 365 Cloud.

Intranet Analytics

Our Intranet Dashboard offers the ability to gain deeper insights how data is being viewed, downloaded and accessed and by whom. Our portal allows the features of notifications and flagging to ensure that important information of current issues is flagged up to be handled within your teams.

Question Bank, Forms & Forums.

Out Intranet forums gives you the opportunity to ask and answer questions and interact with other users, other teams anywhere around the world.

Allow your employees and customers to engage with your Intranet by sharing and liking posts and @mention co-workers to bring them into your discussion and receive alerts and notifications related to your user profile or topic.

Our Intranet makes it simple for employees and customers to communicate, collaborate and share across your organisation.

Why Have An Intranet?

An Intranet is the centre of every business. This hub allows you to integrate and streamline communication between departments and customers. With the ability to share files and documents and access emails it is essential for all businesses or educational schools.

How Much Does It Cost?

Our Intranet Development costs vary depending on the scope and brief of your project. We work efficiently to ensure that our systems work alongside your existing CMS or brand platform. We will counter in all factors in our initial meetings together to provide you the best price possible.

Intranet On The Go

The way forward for all website development is to be mobile friendly. Having your business hub intranet mobile ready will ensure that your staff, users, customers do not get put off while accessing your intranet.

Are you ready? Let’s start your project together!