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SSD Hard Drives (Flip Me)

SSD Hard Drives (Flip Me)

Solid State Hard Drives are the way forward in providing stable data storage for all types of requirements.

Realistic Graphics (Flip Me)

Realistic Graphics (Flip Me)

We will ensure that your new system will cater for such HD 4K graphics that will allow you to focus on your CAD designs effectively.

Faster Processor (Flip Me)

Faster Processor (Flip Me)

All our builds will be powered by AMD processors this includes the AMD FX-Series that provide 6, 8 and 10 core processors and the new 2017 AMD Ryzen.


Latest Processors

All our builds will be powered by AMD processors this includes the AMD FX-Series that provide 6, 8 and 10 core processors and the new 2017 AMD Ryzen.

Extensive Documentation

Our new systems will all come with an after sales user guide. This will inform you how to carefully manage and run your new system.

Trusted Expert Support

Our after sales customer service support is second to none. We will be happy to fix any issues you may have either in person or by a remote session.

Priority Installation

We know you need your machine for your business and we will work as fast as possible to ensure that your new system will be up and running in no time.


Gaming Specs

Part of our custom build is to ensure that your new system is able to play the latest games and the run the latest Adobe & Cad software smoothly.

SDD Hosting

SSD allow faster and better data write transfer speeds between your computer and programs, games, downloads and more. Being able to write data faster means loading up program files is also quicker and also increases boot times.

Crafted with Love

All our systems that we make will see attention to detail, care and is crafted with Love. We ensure that the system you get is fully tested and runs smoothly.

Colours Important To You

When we build custom computers for your office, if there is a colour that you like we will ensure all the screws, casing and wiring will match together nicely.

Robust Casing

Having a robust case makes all the difference. No noise, great airflow and with all the modern inputs and doors to allow easy access. We always choose between brands Corsair & Phanteks which have been tried, tested and backed by hundreds of reviews for all our custom builds.

Hide The Wires

We hate wires, and the above cases and builds will hide the wires, the PSU housing and more. The inbuilt cable management is a treat that will be appreciated giving peace of mind knowing there is no clutter or fire hazards.

Are you ready? Let’s start your project together!

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