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Open 24/7

An online shop that is always open 24/7 will maximise your sale potential.

Encryption Security

Your E-commerce shopping website will be secured from all kinds of threats.

Premium Support

We will always be on hand to assist with any online shopping queries.


Open All Day, All Year

In Today’s global internet reach, you are able to target your products and service not only locally, but also nationally and world wide.

Our E-commerce solutions allow your company the full potential to sell your innovations, services and products to the public. Think about this way, compared to a newspaper advert you will only appear to a few hundred people, whereas having an E-commerce website, you will sell your services nationally.

The platforms we use are flexible with different types of payment gateways available including PayPal.


Staff and User Friendly

As a user you are able to add and remove products, all of which belong in different categories. Moderators are able to apply coupon codes, see reports on how many sales you have made and more. Product updates can be carried out via computer software that bridges to the website.

Designed For You

Our E-Commerce platforms are tailored and customised for your business requirements whether you are a one person start-up or an experienced seller.

Our systems provide a product tracking so you know how much you have sold, which items get more visitors, where in the country or world they are from and much more.

Enhanced Security

We also add extra layers of protection such as SSL and HTTPS to customer information is transmitted safely. We also install bespoke security systems on the server to prevent any SQL hacks and attacks on your website.

The Potential

What you gain from E-commerce out weigh the amount you get from local sources such as Newspapers, Business Cards and more. With an online shopping cart, you allow the customer where ever they may be to purchase one of your services or products.

All products will have keywords to attract more visits and results from Google and other search engines. At Azzurri Designs Ltd our E-commerce solutions feature a bespoke admin dashboard that clients will see which products have more visitors than others, which one sells more, where in the world they come from.

Increase Brand Awarness

All our clients have found that having a website has increased site traffic and results in more enquiries and sales.

We also provide SEO services such as Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and Snapchat Ads. Although this is a new bespoke service we will integrate this into your package and will manage this for you.

Rapid Installations

All our projects are uniquely crafted. To achieve the desired and required end result, time is required for us to arrange meetings, design plans, develop and set up the platform and upload the site content.

On our first meeting with a client we will outline the number of appointments and the timeline for delivering the finished products.

Are you ready? Let’s start your project together!