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In A Nutshell Designer Terms and Conditions

1. Partial copyright handover: Including logos, text, graphics and images belong to the client The underlying structure of the site including layout, colour palettes, CSS, CMS and HTML coding and all associated third-party components integrated into the structure of the website belongs to the web designer / developer

2. Total retained copyright We reserve the right to protect certain elements of any website developed for the following reasons:

a. Unauthorised reproduction of the site in all or part of its form

b. Claiming part or all of the website as the clients own design

c. Protecting the integrity of the visual design and layout in association with the public representation of Azzurri Designs Ltd

d. Purchased applications that are integral to the functionality of the site as requested by the client gives us the right to protect the source code of the website including CSS and HTML to protect any chance of application code being reproduced and thus resold without permission of Azzurri Designs Ltd or the original programmer of the application.

For these reasons associated with web design being intellectual property and a form of creative design, the website must be a non-exclusive, non-transferable entity attached to a single domain name for which the site was originally designed.

To see our full 15 page Terms & Conditions please email us

Graphic design, illustrations, branding and visual marketing

Azzurri Designs Ltd reserves the right to copyright all preliminary sketches, mock ups and initial presented ideas. Only upon final approval of any visual branding will the final work be considered property of the client.

The client will not receive native files for any preliminary designs but will receive the final design in any necessary formats for high-resolution reproduction in case of future branding.

Exclusive rights are given to the client to

a. Reproduce the design or logo

b. Display the design or logo in appropriate conditions when promoting the brand or company Azzurri Designs Ltd however retains the copyright for adaptations or derivative works – any final designed logos may not be manipulated and reproduced after approval and in use by the client, harming the integrity of the creative nature of the work and thus impacting the public perception of work carried out by Azzurri Designs Ltd.

These terms and conditions with regard to copyright are hereby accepted by the client upon initial payment, thus confirming the status of the website development and any graphic design work as approved. Furthermore as stated on the reverse side, 50% of total costings is required immediately to confirm the status of the work as approved and accepted by the client. No work contributing toward the completion of a website – whether this be coding, domain and hosting purchase, or graphic design & branding work will be executed and brought forward to the client until 50% of the fee is confirmed as deposited into the company account. Late charges Payments must be made within the 14 days of invoice date. If payment is not received within 30 days of the invoice date, then clients are subject to being charged an additional 10% late fee. Although we are lenient and considerate of our clients financial situations, each case is unique and therefore will be handled accordingly. An re-connection fee of £100 will be applied if a hosting & domain invoice is not paid within 30 days.

All projects that cost less than £500 will have to be paid before the project start.

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is for this website and governs the privacy of its users who choose to use it. The policy sets out the areas where user privacy is concerned and outlines the obligations & requirements of the users, the website and the website owners. Furthermore it informs you of the way in which this Azzurri Designs Ltd stores and protects user data.


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Our Website

Azzurri Designs Ltd view data protection very seriously and ensure the necessary steps are taken to protect the privacy of its users during their visit on the website. We only take the information that you have given to us using our online form which we use to contact yourself based on your project request. We do not print out the data or pass this onto any 3rd parties. All data is securely stored on our server systems.

Full Copy of our 12 Page terms and be requested.

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