A single source for advancing autonomous technology – available globally.

First impressions.

Otonomi Magazine will offer a free subscription based feed, pooling news from industry and tech on brands like Smart and Tesla. The usability is going to fantastic for visitors wanting to delve down into their favourite niche of technology! This online magazine and news base is going to be the first of its kind, globally, in the industry. Even Elon Musk will be coming to Otonomi for his news.

Our Role.

Developing a fluid stream of news articles is paramount to giving this site a homerun. For sponsored posts, we will be integrating gated articles which will only be accessible for subscribed members.

Advertisers and companies wishing to post articles for themselves will also be granted that privilege with a guest post style publishing format.

We will also be taking advantage of AMP integration to see this site load quickly and efficiently on mobile devices.

Please stay tuned for the launch of Otonomi Magazine, very soon!